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Why you should consider bringing on marketing support to reach your business goals

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

We always like to say, it’s impossible to be great at everything, but it’s entirely possible to hire great help. If you struggle with getting the right leads or coming up with innovative approaches to keep prospects or existing customers engaged, it might be a good time to think about the benefits of bringing in marketing/communications support to help you focus your efforts and broaden your reach to your desired audiences.


Often the difference between meeting and exceeding your sales goals is aligned with how well you are marketing your products and services. If you can check the box on price, and you are sure that your products and services are competitive with others in the industry, getting a different perspective on how to position and market might give you an edge.

There is no one way to do marketing, there are several tactics and strategies that marketers can use to help businesses reach their specific goals. Today, the world of marketing is more than just brochures and trade shows and a professional will be able to work with you to identify what you hope to achieve and determine which method will work best for you. Depending on your desired results, an expert could help with traditional marketing (magazines, radio, paid ads, etc.), work to develop a referral-based marketing approach, or leverage a few digital marketing tactics to drive demand.

Cost Savings.

You may understand the value of marketing but as a small business owner, just don’t have the time or interest in obtaining the expertise needed to market your products and services more effectively. One big benefit to hiring contracted support is that it allows you to work with someone based on the needs of your business versus, without making a commitment to hire someone full-time. Can you imagine the cost of hiring a full-time person to handle social media, develop strategy, develop content, monitor marketing efforts, conferencing, design collateral, and conduct research that tells you how you should be marketing your products and services. If you are a big business, there are teams built around each of these. However, small businesses can maximize their influence by soliciting support from a company that will help them to develop a marketing strategy that aligns with their annual business objectives.

More Strategic.

Have you heard the saying, “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare?” Some small to mid-sized businesses tend to be pretty hit or miss with their marketing activities. In some scenarios you have companies that are a little further along in their level of marketing maturity. They have a person dedicated exclusively to marketing and communications efforts or perhaps they have someone that is enjoys implementing a few tactical marketing activities to help customers along through various points in the sales journey. Bringing someone onboard to help specifically with strategy can elevate some of the pressure that these roles experience by allowing them to focus on delivering the tactics. This level of support can be very beneficial in working with your executive leadership, understanding your business goals and then creating a blueprint for your team to follow throughout the year.

Fresh Perspective.

It might be safe to agree that you’re in business because you want to succeed. You don’t have a goal of becoming #5 on the list of Top 10, you want to be #1 in your industry or niche. Even without marketing help, some businesses are able to experience stable growth year over year growth. What got you here certainly won’t get you there—the right marketing strategy can help you to reach new heights. Find an agency that specializes in working with your vertical or industry—their speed to market will be decreased because they have a general understanding of the landscape, and can impart best practices and key learnings from their previous work. It is also entirely possible that your internal team is too close to the product or fixated on stale thoughts about how your product or service can be of value to consumers.

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