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Top 3 Ways to Drive Leads with Customer Success Stories

A satisfied customer is one of the best gateways that you have for attracting new customers and convincing current customers to try something different. They are a good resource to showcase how people have achieved success or overcome challenges because of your great works. Let’s face it who doesn’t love a great success story-- not to mention, in the sea of different types of content you can use to engage with customers, they are a great way to break up the monotony of you constantly telling people how amazing and capable your business is.

There are several ways that you can go about gathering information for a stand-out case study. As you begin to consider the task of pulling together all the important details, here are the top ways to drive leads with your customer success stories.

Keeping it real

Who to consider for your customer success story is just as important as the results that you will share. You will want to get down to the nitty gritty with this customer in an effort to really understand the cost savings, times savings, ROI, and revenue growth that should be highlighted-- make sure their results are solid and measurable.

Before you conduct in depth interviews with the customer that you’ve selected you’ll want provide them with a few questions that help you to uncover the concrete data behind those metrics. You want to be sure that your idea of success is going to inspiring enough to draw others in to experience what you have to offer. As you dig in during your customer interviews, your focus will be to bring out all the touch points that a potential customer would want to know.

Your case study should give the customers a good perspective of what they can experience from start to finish in their customer journey. Some of the strongest case studies find a way to weave in thought leadership from well-respected agencies that support and validate your framework or methodology.


Don’t forget to tell the story

Add some color by including details that will engage your audiences. Does this customer specialize in a niche market, or maybe there is something more unique about the organization such as them being the largest employment agency in the south dedicated to providing employment opportunities to seniors re-entering the workforce? Your goal is to establish an emotional connection with your audience and create and impression so strong that they believe that they will be able to achieve that much as much success by working with you. Keep in mind your audiences need to feel and hear the customer voice in the story, it should feel authentic and share the customers experience.

As you build your story think about:

  • Who is the customer and what they do?

  • What makes this customer so unique?

  • How did you begin to work with them?

  • What challenges did they face?

  • What were their goals?

  • How did you help to reach their goals?

  • What makes your business uniquely suited for

Mix it up

Don’t be afraid to splice and dice the way that you tell the customer story, you can use various elements of the story throughout the customer journey. Videos for company websites, quotes for sales brochures, and high-level overviews for presentations -- if you gather the right details in the beginning it will be easy to sprinkle your content in multiple locations.

Because you want to ensure there is an authentic feel to your customer story, you will want to include quality photos (not just stock photography) and videos. This could be photos of the customer in their work element (i.e., office, or factory) or photos and videos of their customers that were impacted by your company. Having these elements to tell your story are great to use as part of any social campaign that you use to showcase your case study.

Need help telling your story? We’d love to work with you to highlight your success. Reach out to us at to schedule your free business consult today!

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