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Press Release

Ninth Life Consulting Group, a full-service boutique digital marketing and communications agency has a strong client footprint throughout the southeast, and has launched its Surge program designed to help small to midsize businesses (SMBs) elevate their brands and achieve their business goals through omni channel marketing efforts.

“Digital transformation has changed the way that businesses do business and the way that consumers shop for products and services,” says Angela Collins, who founded Ninth Life Consulting Group in 2016. “Our program really helps customers to meaningfully connect with customers throughout their journey, by delivering marketing services that nurture relationships and show marketing ROI. Most companies struggle with knowing how and when to bring on marketing support or have questions about how to develop the right marketing plan. The Surge program gives customers a cost efficient way to learn about marketing and also get support to put their plan into action.

The intense six month Surge program allows customers to get back to the practice of running their day-to-day business without the stress of worrying about how to market their business and generate leads. While participating in the Surge marketing program, participants are able to capitalize on strategic marketing services while also benefiting from at-your-service support to implement their strategy. Ninth Life Consulting created the program after years of working with SMB customers across the country that desired to expand their business opportunities but had trouble doing so with limited marketing knowledge or staff to implement. Ninth Life Consulting developed the program based on key insights and industry data about what type of marketing support SMBs need most and which yield the most impactful results.

The program not only provides customers with a marketing strategy which maps out the path for future success, but also gives customers access to virtual consultation and work services hours to implement their strategy. Ninth Life Consulting Group supports Surge program participants by helping them to implement their marketing strategy and analyze results.

“In today’s fast paced digital environment, it’s impossible to deny the need for strong omni channel content strategies,” said Ms. Collins, “We realize that leveraging digital marketing isn’t a magic bullet solution for all customers. That’s why our focus is working holistically with our customers to develop and implement the right mix of digital marketing strategies that are solution focused to drive business value for program participants. Participants have access to digital marketing services, event marketing services, PR, brand marketing, and customer/community engagement, SEO, content strategy, and marketing consultation as program participants.

“As a small business owner, it has been a task trying to strike a balance that allows me to promote my business, while also delivering stellar results to my customers. Ninth Life Consulting really worked with us determine what our marketing focus should be -- without pushing us in a specific direction based on what was trendy or profitable,” said Shane Ross, CEO of Ross & Associates Paralegal Services, LLC. “They really listened to our challenges, business goals, and offered solutions that were highly relevant and helped us to engage our current customers and and attract prospects. We were expecting it to take a longer amount of time for us to start seeing results from their marketing campaigns. Within days of our first campaign we had highly qualified leads coming in and Ninth Life Consulting was there to coach us by providing industry best practices for following up on those leads .”

Ready to get started and join the Surge program? Contact us today at

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