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Top 5 Ways to Help Your Business Succeed Through Digital Transformation!

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

If your business is like most small businesses, when it comes to digital transformation, you may not be sure where you should start or what’s necessarily involved in making the jump. As a business owner, success in the age of digital transformation requires that you take a holistic look at the technologies that you use, the skills of the people that you employ, the way that you communicate with customers and the way that you to generate new business.

In a perfectly digitally enabled world each tool that you use throughout the customer journey should work together to give you a competitive edge. Digital transformation is no longer an option, to compete and thrive your success will depend upon your ability to adapt and grow. Are you prepared to reach the more than 90% of consumers that make their business decisions based from on information that they find about your products and services online searches – long before picking up a phone or scheduling a meeting to learn more about your offering.

Online Presence. If you are looking to inspire a purchase at first site, you want to be sure that you are representing your products and services in their best light. A survey by Forrester, revealed that even when a sales representative is more influential, digital channels usually hook a buyer during the discovery stage. Often you will find that websites, blogs, and social mediums can be a powerful way to sell people on your services and goods. Visual appeal is always a plus, people like photos that tell a story. Always strike a balance with your text, don’t give too much text and not too little. Be sure that consumers can easily get a sense of how your product stands out in the market and how it will improve their bottom line.

Personalization. Blast emails to notify your current customers of new products may miss the mark. Content is King. Consumers increasingly desire personalization, it makes them feel that you are onboard with what they need and their challenges. Companies are giving consumers personalization through landing pages with content that speaks to specific verticals and launching marketing campaigns that address specific challenges that customers experience in their markets. Personalization is so important that a report by Frost & Sullivan states that by 2020, customer experience will become more important than price and product as an important differentiator. You must not only deliver a personalized experience, but you have to do so in an organic way.

Take it to the cloud. More business are finding ways to retire their legacy on premise tools. Increasingly small, medium, and enterprise companies are looking for ways to take their systems into the cloud. Going to a cloud model may sound easier then the task itself. Cloud technology gives companies the ability to know exactly where they stand and run a smarter businesses. Perhaps one of the most attractive benefits of taking your business to the cloud involves the reduction of cost from managing and maintaining systems on premise. In the long run cloud saves you money with IT headcount, as the resources aren’t necessarily needed to fix server issues. With SaaS products you can receive the benefits of system updates and they often experience less operational issues.

Social selling. In the age of social media, some are still skid-ish about branding themselves on social media. With digital transformation it’s important that businesses find a way to connect with customers at all points through their buying journey.  Social media can offer you or your team with a way to prospect and stay connected with clients. Not only should your business have a social footprint but everyone from your marketing teams to your sales teams should be active online as well. Gaining a presence online can help your staff stand out as a leaders in their industry or help consumers to distinguish your products from others. If you are visiting a conference or have a new product launching you should share this type of information on online platforms.

Power to the People. With so much talk about how to digitally enable your business, there is often little discussion about the major role that your people will have on helping you to succeed. It’s important that you nurture the people part of your transformation, make sure that your team has the information that they need to do their job effectively in this new world.

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